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Todor S. Petkov

 (Founder) Date of birth: 13/10/1977

February 2014 – present     Software developer – embedded systems.

Application software development for an Energy Metering Device : Freescale Cortex-M0 MCU, gcc toolchain, proprietary IDE.

January 2012 – September 2013     Permanent position as software engineer for Point Grey Research Inc., Trento office. Worked primarily with the company’s stereo vision products (

Wrote bit-exact code for stereo algorithms on x64 PC under Windows 7 OS, used as reference for the porting of the same algorithms to Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA.

Developed digital zoom code for the TMS320DM643x Texas Instruments Digital Media Processor using Code Composer Studio and TI tools.

Limited amount of work also done using Xilinx Zynq SoC: uboot and linux kernel compilation and customization.

October 2008 – December 2011    Software engineer – embedded systems.

Independent consultant working on various embedded related software projects. Work was carried out by a three person team under the supervision of Alessandro Valenti ( from COEING (

ARM7 – Ported FAT16/32 FatFS to LPC2388 using Keil development tools. Implemented low-level drivers for USB and SD access. Integrated FAT access with RTX Real-Time Operating System.

ColdFire – Modified pieces of a linux kernel TFT driver to adapt it to a Sharp TFT display. All development was done under Linux using ltib and Freescale BSPs.

MC9S08 – Developed C code for the sensorless control/drive of a brushless dc motor using Freescale CodeWarrior IDE.

MSP430 – Various small scale projects using IAR Workbench IDE.

March 2011 – October 2011            Software engineer – vision systems.

Hired by the T3LAB consortium within the VIALAB project ( Worked in a team of three people on the definition and implementation of an image calibration and 2D pattern matching benchmark. Code was written in C/C++ for x86 desktop architecture. OpenCV was used extensively.

October 2008 – February 2011        Software engineer – medical imaging systems.

Development and testing of different Digital Breast Tomosynthesis 3D reconstruction algorithms on a PC platform. Project was sponsored by I.M.S. srl ( and carried out at the University of Bologna under the supervision of Professor Nico Lanconelli (

Code was developed in C/C++ and ported to Windows and Linux. Under Windows development was done using Microsoft Visual Studio. Under Linux auto-tool were used.

Client and Server were implemented for the exchange of medical images in DICOM format.

Reconstruction sofware was parallelized using Intel Thread Building Blocks library and pthreads threading library.

January 2008 – September 2008    Software engineer – database applications.

Database creation and management using Oracle tools for Conad del Tirreno retail distributor. Sales report creation using Microstrategy tools.

September 2007 – January 2008    Software Engineer – machine vision applications.

Development of an industrial inspection system for the quality control on a car break production line for Specialvideo srl ( Supervisor was Valeriano Ballardini (

Development was carried out under Windows XP OS using Microsoft Visual Studio. All development was done in C#.

February 2004 –  September 2007              Software engineer – medical imaging systems.

Development and testing of image processing and pattern recognition algorithms for the detection of nodules in lung CT  images. Temporary position at the University of Bologna, Medical Imaging Group ( under the supervision of Professor Renato Campanini (

Developmen was done under Windows XP using Microsoft Visual Studio and under Linux. For algorithm prototyping MATLAB was used extensively.

April 2003 – December 2003                       Software engineer – biomedical applications.

Software development in java for the archival and management of digital microscopy images for the department of Anatomy, Institute  of Basic Medical Science, University of Oslo, under the supervision of Professor Jan Bjaalie (

Education and training

2001 – 2002 Master in Digital Image Processing, University Pierre et Marie Curie , Paris IV, France.

Master thesis: “Development and Testing of Watermarking algorithms for MPEG(1/2) video streams”, under the supervision of Professor Henri Maître, Département Traitement du Signal et des Images, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris, France. (

1997 – 2001    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, University Paris XI, France.


Riccardi A., Petkov T.S., Ferri G., Masotti M., Campanini R. (2011) “Computer-aided detection of lung nodules via 3D fast radial transform, scale space representation, and Zernike MIP classification”. Med. Phys. 2011 Apr, 38(4):1962-71.

Masotti M., Petkov T. (2006) “False positive reduction in lung nodule computer-aided detection based on 3D ranklet transform”. In: WavE 2006: Wavelets and Applications, July 10–14, 2006, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Angelini E., Campanini R., Iampieri E., Masotti M., Petkov T., Roffilli M. (2006) “A ranklet-based CAD for digital mammography”. Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Digital Mammography. pp. 340-346.


  • Bulgarian – Mother tongue.
  • Russian   – Russian mother.
  • Italian   – Italian citizen since 2005.
  • French    – Lived and studied in France for 5 years.
  • English   – TOEFL 290/300.