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Noemi De Santis

a.  NOEMI DE SANTIS (Founder) Date of birth: 11/01/1969


Marketing and communication manager, community manager, digital advertising, Project management.

OS: Windows, Apple,

Databases: Microsoft Sql, MySql,

Graphics: Adobe Photoshop

Office Tools: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access,

Web tools & CMS: google analytics, Hootsuite, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, WordPress, Joomla, Dreamweaver,



May 2015 – now: Founder and CEO of FARMOSA srl, an innovative startup in the health software development for Hospitals and ASL. A tracking software for pharmaceuticals aimed at reducing waste, costs, thefts and errors in therapy. The startup company was incubated by Telecom Italia in its WCAP Accelerator in Roma in Junly 2015. Actual phase: sperimentation in two hospitals in Rome and Arezzo. Go to market in novembre 2015.

January 2014 – now: Founder and Marketing manager of GIUNKO srl, the innovative startup aplying for this SME Instrument.

June 2012 – now: Founder and CEO of SHAPE srl, a web agency for digital communication and advertising. Shape creates web portals, social campaigns (eg. Ospediale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù in Rome or Biennale d’Arte ICASTICA in Arezzo), sanitary information campaigns (eg. Perché Vaccino for ASL Romagna), events (eg. ROMA SPOSA, the biggest wedding fair in Rome), cultural institutions (eg Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome) and APPs (eg, Montecassino and Sacra Roma, founded by POR-FERS european funds).

January 2011 – march 2015: founder and technical manager of Previnforma, an association aimed at the information on financial matters and retirement funds. Activity: social and media campaigns, digital advertising and publications. Clients: Fondo Cometa, Fondapi, Fondo Byblos, Fondo Perseo).

2008 – 2011: company consultant (libero professionista) on web marketing, digital image and communication for various company and institutions while on “maternity duties”. Clients: Word of Anesthesia Congress (portale web), Challenges in Laparoscopy (portale web), De Lux edizioni (Portale web), Montenapoleoneweb (magazine online), Fondo Cometa (campagna di comunicazione online) Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Cinecittà (Campagna di comunicazione sui social network), Eon Italia (gestione editoriale pubblicazioni tecniche), Endesa Italia (inaugurazioni Centrali termoeletteriche ed eoliche), Japan Brand (Campagna di Comunicazione sui social media), Festival TNT – Class Editori (Redazione istantanea), Fructan (Portale web), Sphaerica (Portale web e campagna di comunicazione), Fedracongressi (Portale web), Assilob (comunicazione esterna), INFN (video), C.C.I.A.A. di Roma (presentazioni per fiere e congressi), Adnkronos,  Fiera di Roma (newsletter Ecopolis), AGR srl (organizzazione mostre ed eventi), Fondazione Palazzo della Cultura di Latina (portale web stagione teatrale), AIRL, Cantine San Tommaso, Cantine San Marco, Siena Film Festival (portale web), AB Film (siti tematici film), Circolo Canottieri Lazio, Abio Roma (portale web, newsletter), Assocoral (video), Istituto Crescita della Persona (campagne di comunicazione), Outline (portali web), Merck (campagna di comunicazione), I.A.P.B., Circolo Canottieri Lazio (portale web, servizi di gestione database), LUISS Management School (corsi di web marketing), CGIL Emilia Romagna (portale, Smile (Portale web),

2000-2008: founder and communication manager in CSG Services srl. Software agency. Main project: one of the forst webportal for italian agriturismi.

1997-2000: communication account in ADNKronos Comunicazione in Rome. PR agency of the media group ADNKronos. Activity: PR, events, communication and media campaigns, websites. Clients: in the Energy Field: Endesa, Edison, Falck, Sondel, and others.

1993-1997: proof reader, editor and ghost writer in the Bariletti Publishing Company. Scientific, telecommunication and travel publications.



Reiss Romoli School

Client: Telecom

Creation of teaching units for the transfer of basic skills of web marketing and promotional techniques to students of marketing school Reiss Romoli in L’Aquila.

LUISS Management School

Client: LUISS

Creation of teaching units for the transfer of basic skills of web marketing to students of marketing at LUISS Management School.

Innovazione & Risorse School

Client: Regione Lazio

Retraining courses for unemployed workers: creation of teaching units for the transfer of basic skills of online journalism and web marketing to students.



1996: Enters the Albo dei Giornalisti del Lazio e Molise – Elenco Pubblicisti.

1993: 6-month-course on programming (html) and internet technologies

1992: Master in Political Sciences, International Law (Laurea magistrale in Scienze Politiche, Iindirizzo Internazionale) at LUISS University in Rome, Final Essay in European Law: “The Right of Privacy and the New IT Technologies in  the Art.8 of the European Convention of Human Rights”

Final note: 110/110.

1987 Secondary school: Maturità Classica presso l’Istituto Mary Mount in Rome.   Graduated with final vote 60/60.



  • English: good written and oral skills
  • French: good written and oral skills
  • Italian: mother language