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Giacomo Farneti

(Founder) Date of birth: 25/05/1983

During the last 9 years has been working as a software developer for the University of Bologna, where I had the opportunity to cooperate on innovative projects finalized to produce software used by tens of thousands of students.

Recently he co-founded Giunko S.R.L., a start-up company whose mission is to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. Our first product -Junker- helps people recycle product packagings and has been adopted by Hera SPA, the biggest italian waste management company.

He has always loved programming, both for the intellectual challenge and the creativity involved.


Co-Founder and CTO, Giunko S.R.L.  (Bologna, Italy — 2014-Present)

H co-founded Giunko S.R.L. in January 2014 together with Benedetta De Santis (CEO) and a team of friends and long-time colleagues.

Besides being responsible for the design of our backend applications and services, he worked on the design and code of our Android app. The first product, Junker, is a B2B service and a mobile application that identifies products by their barcode and tells the users how to correctly recycle the different product parts. The mobile application has been released for Android and iOS.

Hera SPA (, Giunko’s first client, integrated our B2B service in their mobile app “Il Rifiutologo”.

Software Developer, University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy — 2006-Present)

Full-time job in the DSA (Atheneum Directory Service) team, whose task is to manage user accounts and identity-related services.


  • Software developer of web applications (both frontend and backend, MS .NET Framework)
  • User accounts management, both on the database side (MS SQL) and the Directory Service side (MS Active Directory)
  • System integrator of the Web Single Sign-On system for federated authentication (Shibboleth Identity Provider and MS Active Directory Federation Services)
  • System integrator of the cloud-based email infrastructure for students (MS Office 365)


CIP (Controllo Ingresso Persone): the physical access control system of the University of Bologna. It consists of hardware devices (network routers, RFId and magstripe readers, sensors and actuators), a management service and a software suite for administrators and end users. Low-level communication protocols (RFId contactless identification, Lonworks), wrote all the source code and configured the hardware devices.

Responsible for periodic training of personnel on the administration of the system.

Since February 2008 the system has handled more than 6 million accesses, through 300 readers and 150 different access groups.

In 2010 he implemented a fault tolerance mechanism with automatic  fallback on multiple servers.

AlmaDPS: a web application for online collaboration and editing of documents used by departments and faculties. He designed the architecture, the database and the UI, wrote all the source code and integrated the digital signature service of the University of Bologna.

AlmaITSec (Alma IT Security): a web application for automatic gathering of workstation configurations (O.S. version, software configuration, network settings, …)  through the use of a cross-platform Java applet.

He wrote all the code of both the web application and the Java applet.

BadgeWeb: a software used to release ID Cards and Smart Cards to teachers, employees and students. He wrote the C++ module for low-level interaction with the card printer and the cryptographic chip.

On different occasions he represented the University of Bologna during conferences and workshops by INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) and GARR (Italian Network of Universities and Research institutes) on the topic of federated identities and authentication.

He also represented the University at the EUDAT conference ”Building Blocks of Data Infrastructures” in Amsterdam (June 25-26, 2012).


Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna  – Master in Computer Science for Management — 2010-2014 Thesis title: “Shibboleth Identity Provider for Single Sign-On and Federated Services”  Final Grade: 104/110

Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna  Degree in Computer Science — 2002-2007

Thesis title: “RFId technology for identity verification and access to university facilities” Final Grade: 104/110


Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Javascript  Compilers and IDEs: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, XCode, Android Studio, GCC/Make Source control: GIT, MS Visual Studio Team System Scripting Languages: PowerShell, Bash

Web Technologies and tools: HTML/HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, canvas/WebGL, Web Workers

Frameworks: Angular.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, D3.js, Three.js

Mobile app development: Android SDK/NDK, XCode, Phonegap

Operating Systems: MS Windows (desktop/server), Mac OS X, Ubuntu Server LTS (10.04, 12.04)

Web servers: IIS (6.0/7.5), Apache 2.2

LANGUAGE SKILLS  Italian: native

English: CEFR Level C1, very good speaking, understanding and writing skills.

He entered the AlmaEnglish project in October 2012 to get an IELTS English language certification.